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(*On All Bikes Throughout 48 Contiguous States - Bike Accessories Excluded)

Fat Tire Bikes are one of the hottest trends sweeping the Cycling Industry today.

Our all terrain bikes have the widest tire made for any bicycle, (4.8" wide by 30" in diameter.) Plus, with our unique patented design featuring a 10mm Center Bead for riding on the road and nobbies on the outside for greater grip on any terrain we have created a bike that will provide a comfortable and exciting ride on Sand, Snow, Mountain, Street and More.

Want some extra added fun? The fat tire design doubles as a shock absorber on your extreme biking jumps and bumps! 

Our bikes are the perfect training bike for cyclists. And there is no better way to quickly cover scenic beach coasts than on these bikes. Stay off the roads and take a ride on the sand! Our bikes also have all-sealed bearings and stainless steel bolts for a superior, long lasting ability in salt and weather.

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Welcome to the Fat Tire Bike!

Certainly the head turner, our fat tire bikes are certainly a uniquely designed bicycle. The fat tires have deep treads that offer stability and assist you in riding over any terrain that would normally quiver even the sturdiest of narrow treads.

The thick, durable treads of a Fat Tire Bike make a huge difference to your biking experience and if you have never tried one before the experience can be both awesome and unique!! Originally designed to help people get across snow paths and deal with adverse conditions, they are now used as a way to keep exercising and keeping fit even in the cold winter months!

Fat bikes can easily go down as an invention that was never expected to be so big!

Fat Tire bikes were first introduced around 2005, and in the years since have really grown in popularity all across the globe. With varying brands and performance levels out there to suit the beginner, right up to the niche specialists, the fat tires create a fantastic contact with the ground which will help you move on even the slickest of surfaces.

Keep in mind, though, that your fat bike will be heavier than your traditional bike, and they do lack a bit of pace and turning speed in comparison to the models with thinner tires. The fat tires are so strong and durable that it can handle even the lowest of air pressures; this allows you to hit terrain you would need to go around in normal circumstances with ease.

So, whether you are looking to hit the beaches or the snowy hills, getting a fat tire all terrain bicycle is something you seriously need to consider. While many of us will put our exercise and weight loss regimes back until the warm Summer months, these fat tire bikes are stopping nobody from getting out there on even the coldest of days to enjoy a bit of morning exercise!

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